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Marriage is the ultimate goal of a relationship between men and women and then tied with a sacred bond. One marker of a marriage bond is a wedding ring. The object is to be the hallmark of a marriage or other relationship. To that end, the ring should not normally be used carelessly design is because it is very sacred. There are several models of the ring for a marriage to choose from, among others, as follows.

1. Ring white gold
After experiencing growth right now there is also a white gold wedding ring. For now, the model is much-loved for its modern design and elegant. A wedding ring made of these materials typically use decoration diamonds or other gemstones. In addition there is also the earlier design has a unique shape with carvings riveting. If you want to wear a wedding ring is elegant and luxurious, possibly wearing a white gold material you can count on.
2. The yellow gold ring
A marriage generally use a wedding ring made of yellow gold. From ancient times until now, rings made from precious metals such great demand by couples who want to tie the marriage. The model is also too diverse, there are plain and there is also a double-edged gem. You just select model according to your taste each. The most much demand from long ago is a plain gold ring models and carved the name of the couple. Perhaps this model you can choose when you want to wear simple designs.

3. The ring of platinum
Model next ring is made of platinum. Such materials are usually used as an alternative by the men who do not wear gold jewelry. For Muslims themselves forbade men to wear gold jewelry made of titanium so that elections be selected. The design of these materials was also very different is rather thin when compared to gold. You can also add other decorations to beautify it looks like wearing a diamond or by engraving names. You can also choose the right color for it.

All three models for wedding rings over only a small portion can be used as the main option. Some are made of silver and other metals with a modern design. Surely you must know when choosing jewelry, especially a ring for marriage bond should be really good. There is a philosophy that says if the ring is durable then the marriage bond will also be lasting but it may be trusted or not. Determinants lasting or not a household ark would be judged not on a wedding ring but internal factors that exist in the relationship.

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